information about 2019 all inclusive trips.


Welcome to our  "Crucian holiday trips " summer 2019. In total, we arrange up to three trips during the summer of 2019 and you will have Lake Ursjön on exclusive basis for you and your friends for 7 whole days.

If you like fishing for crucian carp (Carassius carassius) this is a unique opportunity to experience a very exciting fishing.  Lake Ursjön are located deep in the Swedish woods and holds a good population of  fantastic crucians. Here, you can catch a world record, an uncaught 4 lb crucian and also have multiply catches in a single day.

Isn't that mind blowing?

For us it is a great pleasure to be able to share our waters and everything we have worked so hard for.  Years of responsibility managemant have borne fruit and the fishing is now more exciting then ever. As a guest, you will understand that we care a great deal about our waters. You will also understand that we will never endanger our fishing waters by excessive fishing pressure. Instead, we will keep the fishing at a balanced level, in order to maintain high quality for years to come. Quality is, afterall, what we all want.

Therefore, we will only arrange up to three trips during the summer of 2019, and the cost is much like renting a carp fishing lake in France.

Do also keep in mind that we rest the lake very well and that you will have plenty of space when you visit the lake. In total, the lake is fished about 12 weeks per year and totally closed for fishing for almost 40 weeks.

LAKE URSJÖN is THE HOME OF GIANT CRUCIANS™. Here it is possible to have a 4lb, or even an 5lb or 6lb (!) fish.  An estimate is that the lake holds more than half a dozen different crucians over 5lb. And total at least a dozen different crucians are bigger then the UK record!

The lake is approximate 8-9 acre in size and there are now platforms and swims for up to 30 anglers at the same time, so a group of 3-6 anglers will have many exciting swims to switch to.

An event is 7 days, from Saturday 14:00 CET to Saturday 12:00 CET one week later. So you will have exclusive rights to Lake Ursjön and throughout the event you can fish around the clock, as much as you want to.

Bivvies and beds, with blankets/pillows/sleeping bags, for up to 6 anglers are provided at site when you arrived.

Each guest is also providing a good parasol/shelter, a quality chair, a proper landing net, banksticks with rod rests, unhooking mats and a method bowl or bucket to use under the arrangemant.

*  You will spend a whole week together with your company at a very special fishing lake that holds a fantastic population of big crucians.  It is a unique opportunity as the number of fishing days will be more limited than ever in 2019. For 2019 season,  we have also built 4 new platforms in areas that never has been fished before.

* You will have bivvies, beds, landing nets, umbrellas and so on at site. It's convenient and makes it easy to travel.

* Since you have booked the lake for yourself and your company you will controll the whole situation. It makes the experience much better and more relaxing.

* You can also buy extra closed days, which can make the fishing even better! During 2018 two UK anglers had the lake rested for six days before they arrived and then had 48 crucians (47 of them over 2lb) in  only five days fishing. The also had 2x5lb, 8x4lb and a lots of 3lb crucian. World class!